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Business Plan

We believe that travel websites like Expedia are a commodity in today’s market place. Clients have little reason to choose one over another.


We believe that a way to create a strong affinity between a patron and Expedia is through an Expedia Giving program, where when patrons book through Expedia a commission flows through to a charity of their choice. Away To Donate believes it is in a great position sale grow and manage such a program for Expedia.


The ExpediaGiving  program is designed to cement the relationship between Expedia and patrons of travel sites by getting non-profit organizatons that already have close ties to that patron to encourage to use Expedia by accessing Expedia through their own website.


Away to Donate has begun to discuss with a number of non-profits of different types and sizes to determine where the greatest interest might be.  Our work is pointing towards  places where there are volunteers looking to engage the non-profits’ constituencies.


Think churches and schools or local organizations fighting disease. Smaleer amounts of money can often have significant impact and they are desperately for sources of funding.


Through Expedia Giving they could raise funds by imploring their base to book travel through Expedia. As long as patrons know that they are not spending any more for booking through the giving program, they are incented to do so and have (in most cases) no disincentives not to.


For Expedia, such relationships have very positive outcomes. Patrons are more to make using Expedia there go-to site potentially not looking anywhere else or even spending a little more with Expedia rather than going to a competitor. Finally, Expedia could gain any tax benefits from their donations.


Away To Donate will handle all non-profit organization development. Actively working to sign non-profits up, doing the diligence to make sure they are a vetted 501c3, showing the non-profits how to optimize participation  and managing the ongoing relationship with the organizations..


Expedia’s/Commission Junction role would be minimal. You would need to


1. Provide a booking engine and fulfillment for travel services

2. Provide a web landing page for the Non-Profit.

3. Provide very basic reporting

4. Work with us to offer our travel insurance in the booking path.


We conservatively estimate 50 Non-Profits by year one garnering a base of well over 3 million followers, 136 by year two, and 290 by year three.


As a start, we are asking for the following small “override” in commissions paid to AwayToDonate:


Hotels: 3%

Cars: 1%

Packages: 1%

Flights: $.50

Activities & Insurance: 3%

Cruise: $5




Richard Binswanger, one of AwayToDonate’s principals, sits on the board of several large and small Non-Profits.  Richard also is the Managing Director of a company that consults to Non-Profits.  This is just the start of entre into a huge area of opportunities for travel related services.


Robert Moses, a thirty-plus year travel industry veteran, spent fifteen years at Hickory Travel Systems as Vice President of Business Development.  Prior to that, Rob spent five years with Wagonlit and thirteen years running a large Philadelphia travel agency.


Diane Sackett has been a marketing and business consultant to the travel industry for the past 10 years. Diane has an extensive background in business and travel insurance products and programs, having designed some of the programs in use today. Diane has consulted with leading trade organizations to increase awareness and profitability.