About Us

The Founders of Away to Donate bring together years of experience in the travel business with extensive expertise in leading and advising non-profits. Together, they realized that the business models of the major Online Travel Agents offered non-profits of various sizes a new way to raise impactful funds. They understood by aggregating 501c-3 organizations under the Away To Donate Umbrella, they could leverage the full buying power of the non-profits' supporters to maximize the commissions paid by the Online Travel Agents and turn them into "painless" and continuous donations.

Away to Donate has created a new kind of fund raising, where people can direct a portion of their online purchases through one simple click.

They need not sign-up or give up any information about themselves to Away To Donate. They simply purchase the services and goods, that they routinely purchase online anyway, through a landing page given to them by their favorite charitable organization.

Away To Donate is committed to finding simpler and more impactful avenues for non-profits to raise funds and looks forward to providing their clients with new opportunities and improving on those already in place