A Way to Donate, a Social Impact Company, offers Non-profits a free platform designed to maximize a new revenue stream.


Our platform has two equally important purposes: 

1. To deliver additional monies to your organization, derived from purchases that your Supporters are already making online.

2. Strengthen the bond between your organization and your Supporters.


Loyalty Should Be Leveraged.

You do important work. You have Supporters who care deeply about that work and want to help you in any way they can. Our effortless solution gives them another opportunity to do so. 

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Expertise in Marketing, Technology & Ecommerce

We have industry leading experts in digital marketing, mobile technologies, and Ecommerce. We are industry leading experts in this area. Let's face it: You're not. That's why we add so much value. With our roots so deeply engrained in Non-profits, we know how to make digital work for you. And we do it better than anyone else, period. 

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Focus on Supporter Development & Donation Cultivation 

We know the importance of your relationship to your supporters. We have spent careers working there. We make it an imperative to treat them with as much integrity, respect, care, and thoughtfulness as you do. We soft-market to your supporters, asking them to do only what they want to do anyway; to help you. And together, we will make sure that they get thanked and recognized appropriately.   

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Strength Via a Rapidly Growing Non-Profit Community

There is strength in numbers. By coming together into a community, we can leverage  the total number of supporters overall to build stronger returns for your organization and develop powerful solutions that no single organization could do on its own.

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