Our Community

A new world snuck up on us. Well maybe not snuck. More like it has rushed up before the world could get ready.

And its not just technology. The needs of Non-profits and the populations they serve have grown while the funding sources have shrunk.

There is clearly untapped opportunity in this world, if only Non-profits knew how to tap it. But almost all are in uncharted territory and unable to garner the sophisticated resources necessary by themselves.

These resources include not only the technical skills to scale the needs for internet shopping, but also the business negotiating skills needed to maximize revenue.

Neither is inexpensive, so for Non-profits to take true advantage, it makes sense for them to come together into a community.

Besides, the more Non-profits and supporters in the community, the more leverage the community has to negotiate higher returns with merchants.

A Way To Donate serves as the backbone for all of this.