Our Team

Richard Binswanger
Co-founder & CEO
"I'm never, ever, ever, ever going to stop going to battle for the Non-profits in our community. Period. Its probably cause I'm just that awesome, er, I mean, I care that much. OK, both really. (Sticks out tongue at Kim.)"

Robert Moses
Co-founder & Head of Customer Care
"One of the exciting things about this company, is that it was born not from a capitalistic goal, but rather a genuine desire to help. And from Richard's impalpable and unabashed obnoxiously positive energy."

Kimberly Omrod
Head of Operations & Systems
"Richard, stop pestering me! This business has lots of complex moving parts, systems and workflows that are designed for scale. Let me focus on making our Non-profits' systems go to work for them."

Aaron Haydn McLean
Chief Marketing Officer
"Richard and Kim. Quit picking on one another. We have an opportunity to make a real difference here. The social impact we create through just a bit of success is huge. I'm gonna take our solution to market in a huge way."