We are a team of passionate, motivated entrepreneurs and Non-Profit veterans, who have:

Founded, built, and scaled successful Non-Profit organizations AND privately held corporations, serving in management and Board capacities.

Accelerated the growth of a number of startups by developing successful business, communications, and marketing strategies, through the creative use of the latest technologies, methods, and ideas.

We bring together these two core areas of expertise so that in collaboration with you, we’ll develop tactical execution plans to advance your mission.

We employ the following strategies:

Market Position / Point of Entry and Market Navigation

Strategic Partnership / Channel Partnership Development

"Lean Startup" Tactics and Practical Use

"Design Thinking" Tactics and Practical Use

Behavioral Analysis

Data Analysis

Market Research

And we employ these strategies in building tactical plans for the areas of: 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Donor Management

Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

Sales Process and Management

Product and Services Management

Marketing Process and Automation

Data Management Process

Website, Digital Media Property, and Social Media User Engagement 

Project Management Process

In support of the tactical plans, when required, we provide implementation, training, and ongoing support for programs. 

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