Building the Bond Between You and Your Supporters with Thank Yous

We know how much you appreciate your supporters. They certainly are well connected to you. 

We know how important that bond is and that the stronger it is, the stronger you are.

That bond needs nourishing and attention. 

That is why we make sure that whenever a supporter uses our "way to donate", we take care of the Thank You message. You'll write it. We deliver it, automatically. 

Furthermore, we will provide you with reporting that tells you exactly who participated and how much money they directed to you. We won't give you all the details about what they purchased. After all, their privacy is important. In fact, we won't know what they bought, either. That's not the business we're in.

We recognize that we need to hold any information that we obtain about your supporters as highly confidential and we promise only to use it in ways that you see fit. 

Indeed, we are an extension of you and are at your service.